The ultimate Tesla management GPT that allows anyone who has a Tesla Account to manage their fleet!

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What’s Included in Nikola

Nikola is a finely tuned GPT that can allow you to use it as the ultimate assistant and knowledge expert on your Tesla vehicles.

  • Review details about your vehicle
  • Manage the drivers who have access to your cars
  • View nearby charging sites within vincinity of your vehicle
  • Check out your previous charging history
  • View your upcoming or expired warranties
  • Monitor if you have any recent alerts
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Preform Commands on your Vehicles

Nikola currently supports over dozen vehicle commands currently with more coming soon!

  • Acuate the rear and front trunks.
  • Start/Stop Pre-Conditing the climate!
  • Send a Navigation request to the vehicle.
  • Much more! Such as unlocking/locking the doors, flashing lights, and honking the horn.
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Coming Soon: Manage Your Solar

With Nikola, you soon will be able to manage your Tesla Solar Energy products along with your vehicles.

  • Adjust the site’s backup reserve.
  • View history of your energy, charge, and backup data.
  • Allow/disallow charging from the grid and exporting energy to the grid
  • Monitor the live status of the site (power, state of energy, grid status, storm mode)
  • And more!